Aderemi Suleiman Ajala: Yoruba Nationalism – Culture, Politics and Violence [PDF]


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Culture, Politics and Violence in South-Western Nigeria (1900–2012)
TIAS Topics in Interdisciplinary African Studies Volume 30

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XVI, 184 pp.
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Text language: English

Based on ethnographic research conducted between 2005 and 2011 in south-western and central Nigeria, in this book Yoruba nationalism is conceptually presented focussing on the period between 1900 and 2012. While a number of studies already exist on the sub­ject matter of ethnicity, nationalism and politics in many parts of Africa and specifically on Yoruba identity and politics, Yoruba nationalism and the changes it underwent during the colonial and post-colonial periods up to 2012 have received relatively little attention.

The present monograph in part extends the arguments beyond the time limit of earlier publications and discusses current trends in Yoruba nationalism, politics and violence in south-western Nigeria. Referring to past and most recent political activities in Yorubaland, the book presents an analysis of Yoruba nationalism, local politics and violence in south-western Nigeria between 1900 and 2012.

The intention of the author is to illuminate the invention and progress of Yoruba nationalism from its cultural tenet in the late 19th century to its political motif in the early 21st century and how its development has shaped Yoruba politics and political elites in south-western Nigeria. All this is examined within the wider context of Nigerian politics. Furthermore, the book explores the changing nature of Yoruba nationalism as well as its impact on the Nigerian state.


Preface / Acknowledgements / Abbreviations / List of maps and tables

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Pre-colonial Yoruba: Group Identity and Politics
Chapter 3. Development of Yoruba Na­tionalism and Politics, 1900s–1940s
Chapter 4. Yoruba Nationalism and Politics 1940s–2012
Chapter 5. The Workings of Yoruba Nationalism and Politics
Chapter 6. Yoruba Nationalism and Politics under Siege
Chapter 7. Con­clusion

Bibliography / Index

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