Alan Barnard / Gertrud Boden (eds.): Southern African Khoisan Kinship Systems [PDF]


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QKF Research in Khoisan Studies Volume 30

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VI, 301 pp.
1 colour map, 2 maps, 8 colour figures, 9 genealogical charts, numerous tables

Text language: English


1. Alan Barnard / Gertrud Boden: Khoisan kinship revisited

Part I Kinship terminologies
2. Gertrud Boden: Khwe kinship terminology
3. William B. McGregor: Shua kinship terminology
4. Gertrud Boden: Nǁng kinship terminology – Salvage documentation with the last speakers

Part II Kinship Relations
5. Hitomi Ono: Extra-marital relationships and spouse exchange among the Gǁana peoples
6. Akira Takada: Kinship and caregiving practices among the Ekoka !Xun
7. Gertrud Boden: Universal kinship categorisation among the Namibian !Xoon

Part III Comparison
8. Gertrud Boden / Akira Takada: Kx’a kinship classifications – A diachronic perspective
9. Gertrud Boden: Tuu kinship classifications – A diachronic perspective
10. Gertrud Boden: Grandparent-grandchild and bifurcate-merging equations – A cross-Khoisan perspective

Part IV Contact settings
11. Alan Barnard: The Ju/’hoan [Ju|’hoan]-Naro contact area
12. Akira Takada: Surname and interethnic relationships among the Ekoka !Xun
13. Gertrud Boden: Language contact and flexible kin categories

14. Alan Barnard / Gertrud Boden: Conjectural histories – Pros and cons

Under these links you will find publications of the contributors and further studies of kinship systems and kinship terminologies in African languages and cultures:

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