Anne-Maria Fehn (ed.): Khoisan Languages and Linguistics – Proceedings of the 4th Int. Symposium 2011 [PDF]


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Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium, July 11-13, 2011, Riezlern/Kleinwalsertal
Research in Khoisan Studies Volume 36

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287 pp.
1 map, 7 colour photos, 3 colour diagrams, 19 figures, 4 colour tables, 49 tables

Text language: English


Edward D. Elderkin: The flora and fauna of proto Khoe
Anne-Maria Fehn: Marking direct objects in Ts’ixa (Kalahari Khoe)
Christoph Wirsching: Indefiniteness in Khoekhoegowab
Andy Chebanne / Chris Collins: Tense and aspect in Kua – A preliminary assessment
Wilhelm J. G. Möhlig: Traces of Central Khoisan in a Bantu text of the Middle Kavango
Bonny Sands / Andy Chebanne / Sheena Shah: Hunting terminology in ǂHoan
Gertrud Boden: Variation and change in Taa kinship terminologies
Hirosi Nakagawa: ǂHaba lexical tonology
Bernhard Köhler: Typological peculiarities in Khoisan and Omotic languages – A comparison
Falko Berthold / Linda Gerlach: Serial verb constructions in N!aqriaxe
Christian J. Rapold: Tone in Tsumeb and Grootfontein Khoekhoe

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