A. Storch / J. Harnischfeger / R. Leger (eds.): Fading Delimitations – Multilingual Settlements in a Convergence Area [PDF]


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Case Studies from Nigeria
TIAS Topics in Interdisciplinary African Studies Volume 34

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XIV, 269 pp.
8 maps, 1 colour photo, 1 colour diagram, 3 figures, numerous tables and charts

Text language: English

This book focuses on languages and cultures of one of the world’s linguistically most diverse regions, north-eastern Nigeria, and aims at providing new explanations for this outstanding diversity. It explores languages in a context of pervasive multilingualism, explaining their histories and sociocultural backgrounds as super-diverse and constantly changing ones. This is achieved by developing a model which provides new explanations and insights for the linguistic region treated in this book – the convergence zone between the Gongola and Benue valleys of northeastern Nigeria.


Johannes Harnischfeger / Rudolf Leger / Anne Storch: Lower rank greets first – getting along in multilingual communities
Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer: Who are the Waja and where did they come from? A linguistic evaluation of ‘Labarin Waja’, the unpublished history of Waja by Kwoiranga, the 2nd Sarkin Waja (1927–1936)
Norbert Cyffer: Kanuri as a language of wider communication – expansion and retreat
Georg Ziegelmeyer: Bade between its eastern and western neighbours – past and present contact scenarios in northern Yobe State
Jules Jacques Coly: Noun formation strategies in Maaka (Western Chadic, Nigeria)
Anne Storch: Don’t get me wrong here, but I think I may have seen this – knowledge, concealment and perception in Maaka
Herrmann Jungraithmayr: The historical position of Tangale within Chadic
Johannes Harnischfeger: Remodeling themselves – language shift, islamisation and ethnic conversion among the Maaka
Jörg Adelberger: Kupto and Kwami – on the relation between language, culture and ethnicity among the Southern Bole-Tangale Group
Rudolf Leger: Some observations on typological features in languages of the Bole-Tangale group

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Under these links you will find publications of the contributors and descriptions of further Nigerian languages and cultures from various language families:

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