Archibald N. Tucker: A Grammar of Kenya Luo (Dholuo) [PDF]


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NISA Nilo-Saharan – Linguistic Analyses and Documentation vol. 8.1 / 8.2

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together 626 pp.
2 volumes: Part I Formal Grammar, Part II Tonal Grammar, Part III Vocabulary

Text language: English

The Luo language (Dholuo) stands at the extreme southern end of the extensive linguistic unit known as Nilotic languages. With about 4 million speakers, Luo is one of the most important Kenyan languages.

In the same Nilo-Saharan series, you will find a compact grammar following the model of the Functional Grammar as well as descriptions of further Nilotic languages:

Angelika Mietzner: Cherangany – A Kalenjin Language of Kenya [PDF+wav]
Angelika Mietzner / Kimeli Benjamin Rotich / Jacob Suter: Cherangany–English and English–Cherangany Dictionary [PDF]
Gerald Heusing: Die südlichen Lwoo-Sprachen – Beschreibung, Vergleich und Rekonstruktion [PDF]
Anne Storch: The Noun Morphology of Western Nilotic [PDF]

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