Bernhard Köhler (ed.): Interrogative and Syntactic Inquiries – Case Studies from Africa [PDF]


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FAB Frankfurt African Studies Bulletin 23

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164 pp.
2 colour maps, 3 figures, 14 tables

Text language: English


Bernhard Köhler: Preface
Torben Andersen: Interrogative sentences in Dinka
Baye Yimam: Wh-questions in Amharic
Mary Esther Kropp Dakubu: Interrogative tone and intonation in Kwa and Gur
Abdourahmane Diallo: Focus in Fula – a dialectal approach
Rose Letsholo: Modification and word order in the ǁGánà [//Gana] (Determiner Phrase)
Stéphane Robert: Content question words and noun class markers in Wolof – reconstructing a puzzle
Russell G. Schuh: Post-verbal questioned subjects in SVO Chadic languages

Under these links you will find publications by the contributors and further descriptions of the languages / language families analyzed here:

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