Carola Lentz: Die Konstruktion von Ethnizität [PDF]


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Eine politische Geschichte Nord-West Ghanas, 1870-1990

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690 pp.
28 b/w photos, 19 maps, index of persons and places, subject index

Text language: German

From the Contents (all texts are in German, titles are translated into English for better understanding): Local concepts of social belonging and territoriality – “Inhospitable, barbarous tribes”: The Northwest between Zabarima incursions and British rule (1870-98) – “Civilising a thoroughly wild and uneducated race”: The colonial pacification of the Northwest (1898-1906) – “Lobis”, “Dagartis”, and “Lobi-Dagartis”: The construction of ethnic boundaries – “A praiseworthy desire to better their fortunes”: The beginnings and development of labour migration – Of “totem clans”, “priest-kings” and “invasions”: Colonial debates on history and culture – “Light over the Volta”: The mission of the White Fathers – “Looking for a ‘tribe’ called the ‘Lobi’”: New discourses on ethnicity – The post-war reforms of local government – “The time when politics came”: The beginnings of party politics (1954-56) – The struggle for political hegemony: Party politics, chieftaincy conflicts and district boundaries (1956-62) – Lobby politics and ethnic movement: The organizational landscape of the 1970s and 1980s.