Cecilia Sem Obeng / Darian Foster / Melissa Weinstein: “Once a child leaves the womb, the community has to become the womb.” [PDF]


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Breastfeeding in Black Communities

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Research has shown that breastfeeding offers numerous, significant health advantages for both mother and child. Furthermore, human milk has been continually cited as the ideal ‘first food’ for children. Despite the undeniable benefits, that breastfeeding offers to infants, their families and communities, the challenges and barriers to breastfeeding mothers are still present with little being pursued for a change. These issues require thorough discussion and remain a significant piece of the conversation regarding creating positive breastfeeding experiences.

The motivation behind writing this book stems from the call to discuss the nature of breastfeeding and illuminate the problems associated with it. An important aim of this book, therefore, is to elucidate the numerous benefits of breastfeeding and to encourage mothers to nurse their babies.

The chapters in the book are based on the beliefs of mothers, fathers, grandparents, and community leaders on how to increase breastfeeding. Scholarly work that exists in the area of breastfeeding is included in the book. Recommendations are made to society to come together to help mothers to increase breastfeeding rates for children.