Chris M. Peter: Human Rights in Tanzania – Selected Cases and Materials [PDF]


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XXXIV, 894 pp.
appendix: Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania 1977, Part III: Basic Rights and Duties; Basic Rights and Duties Enforcement, Act. No. 33 of 1994

Text language: English

The present monograph is basically an academic work but with a practical touch. Combining both municipal and international approaches to human rights it concentrates on the national level. Following an introductory on human rights in Tanzania, the author deals with specific articles on rights or freedoms and concludes them with a commentary. Each of these is followed by selected cases which wholly or partly deal with the particular right or freedom. References to the international dimension of a particular right or freedom and on its position in Tanzania have been made where possible.

In the conclusion the author summarizes the degree of enforcement of human rights in Tanzania and discusses their future in this country. The following rights and freedoms are discussed: – The Right to Life – Protection against Torture and Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment – Protection against Harassment – The Right to a Clean and Satisfactory Environment – The Right to Work – The Right to Fruits of One’s Labour – The Right to Communal Land Ownership – The Right to Own Private Property – The Right and Freedom of Business – The Right of Access to Justice – The Right to Legal Representation – Equality before the Law: Gender and Status Discrimination – The Right of Natural Justice – Independence of the Judiciary: Harassment of the Judiciary by the Executive and the Ruling Party – Peoples’ Initiatives and Illegal Assumption of Judicial Power – The Right to Liberty: Right to Bail and Presumption of Innocence – Preventive Detention and Illegal Detention – Internal Deportation – Freedom of Association and The Right to Participate in National Affairs

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