Joachim Crass / Ronny Meyer (eds.): Deictics, Copula, and Focus in the Ethiopian Convergence Area [PDF]


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212 pp.
numerous tables and charts

Text language: English

The present volume is the outcome of the workshop “Copula constructions, focus and related topics in the Highland East Cushitic/Gurage convergence area” organized by the editors. This workshop, held on December 10-11, 2004 at Mainz University, was supported by the German Research Foundation within the Collaborative Research Centre 295 Cultural and linguistic contacts – Processes of change in North Eastern Africa and West Asia (1997–2008).




Joachim Crass:
Copula constructions in K’abeena and Libido

Hans-Jürgen Sasse:
“Nominal” and “adjectival” predication in Lowland Eastern Cushitic

Gertrud Schneider-Blum:
The “copula” in Alaaba

Yvonne Treis:
Copulas in Kambaata


Azeb Amha:
Non-verbal predication in Wolaitta

Debela Goshu:
Copula constructions in Anfillo

Hirut Woldemariam:
Deictics in Gamo Semitic

Baye Yimam / Rawda Siraj:
Silt’e deictics

Girma A. Demeke:
Copula constructions in Ge‘ez and Tigre

Gideon Goldenberg:
Linguistic treatment of syntactical relations, the predicative bond and Gurage

Ronny Meyer:
Non-verbal predication in East Gurage and Gunnän Gurage languages

Rafael Suter:
Copula constructions and information structure in Inor