Doris L. Payne / Mechthild Reh (eds.): Advances in Nilo-Saharan Linguistics [PDF]


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Proceedings of the 8th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium, University of Hamburg, August 22–25, 2001

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VIII, 294 pp.
1 map, 26 figures, numerous tables and charts

Text language: English


Editorial Preface

Václav Blažek:
Nilo-Saharan Stratum of Ongota

Roger Blench:
Further Evidence for a Niger-Saharan Macrophylum

Pascal Boyeldieu:
Compound Verbs and Modalities of Process in Yulu (Central Sudanic)

Michael Bryant:
-Ni as a Marker of Discourse Resolution in Tirmaga

Niels and Regula Christiansen:
Tadaksahak Verb Morphology with Reference to Berber and Songhay Origins

Achim Diehl:
The Effect of a Floating Stress Feature with Certain Toneless Morphemes in Me’en

Jan Henrik Holst:
Nilotic and Eastern Sudanic Phonology in a Wider Perspective

Gumma Ibrahim / Piet Huttenga:
The Phoneme System of Tagle, a Kordofanian Nubian Language

Muhammed Abbaker Ismail:
Noun Classes in Daju Lagawa and the Role of Stress

Roland Kießling:
Space and Reference in Datooga Verbal Morphosyntax

Constance Kutsch Lojenga:
Coreference in Ngiti

Doris Löhr:
Nigerian Kanuri (Sub-) Dialects Reconsidered – A Corpus-based Approach

Robert Guy McKee:
Concerning Meegye and Mangbetu’s Bilabial Trills

Cynthia L. Miller / Leoma G. Gilley:
Evidentiality and Mirativity in Shilluk

Claude Rilly:
The Earliest Traces of Meroitic

Fedor Rozhanskiy:
Morphology and Phonology of Noun Paradigms in Songhay

Anne Storch / Rainer Voßen:
Odours and Colours in Nilotic – Comparative Case Studies

Doris Weiss:
Maba Verb Root and Pronouns

Moges Yigezu:
The phonetics and Phonology of Majang Vowels – a Historical-Comparative Perspective

Petr Zima:
Songhay – a Language at the Periphery and Crossroads of Language Families and Areas

Joost Zwarts:
Number in Endo-Marakwet