Dymitr Ibriszimow / Eva Rothmaler: Tesserae of Borno [PDF]


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In Memory of Wilhelm Seidensticker (1938–1996)

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144 pp.
17 maps, 2 b/w photos, 1 transcription table, 8 tables, 2 drawings, 3 diagrams, 1 figure

Text language(s): English, German


Editor’s Preface

Gisela Seidensticker-Brikay:
Writings of Wilhelm Seidensticker

Heinrich Bergstresser:
Reflections on a late friend

Ludwig Gerhardt:
Das einzige Mittel richtiger Erkenntnis und friedlichen, freundlichen Verkehrs im Menschenleben
– H. Barth und die afrikanischen Sprachen

Dymitr Ibriszimow / Doris Löhr:
Types, patterns and kinds of lexical distribution and their correlation

Eldridge Mohammadou:
Climate and history in central Sudan, 18th and 19th centuries – Baare-Chamba expansion from upper Benue region (Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, C.A.R., Gabon)

Christopher Y. Mtaku:
The role of food in funerals in northeast Nigeria – Some selected cases

Eva Rothmaler:
The situation of Kanuri in primary schools in Maiduguri

James H. Wade / Mártha Galántha:
Weaving symbols – Textiles for the living and the dead among the Fali of the Mandara Mountains

Ibrahim Maina Waziri:
The unity of diversity of oral and written evidence in the history of Bole Fika

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