Ibriszimow / Leger (Hg.): Studia Chadica et Hamitosemitica – Festschrift für H. Jungraithmayr zum 60. Geburtstag [PDF]


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Akten des Internationalen Symposions zur Tschadsprachenforschung, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, 6.–8. Mai 1991

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XIV, 419 pp.
2 maps, 5 facsimile reproductions, numerous tables and overviews

Text languages: English, French, German


„Wakar ranar haihuwar Prof. Dr. Herrmann Jungraithmayr“
composed by Bello Al-Hassan and rendered into English by Joseph A. McIntyre

Rainer VOIGT: Zur Geschichte und den Grundlagen der vergleichenden Hamitosemitistik
Alexander ZAJCEV / Andrei ZHUKOV: The data of Semito-Hamitic languages in W. Bleek’s “De nominum generibus … (1851)”
Werner VYCICHL: Zur vergleichenden Morphologie hamitosemitischer Sprachen
Neil SKINNER: Evidence for earlier nominal suffixation in Afroasian
Václav BLAZEK: The microsystem of personal pronouns in Chadic, compared with Afroasiatic
Olga STOLBOVA: Lateral sybilants in Chadic (reconstruction) and their correspondences in Semitic and Egyptian
Hans MUKAROVSKY: Chadic, Mande and Nigritic
Petr ZIMA: The position of Chadic in the Sahara-Sahel language area
Robert NICOLAÏ: Songhay et chamito-sémitique – recherches sur les continuations du touareg en songhay
Emilio BONVINI: A propos et en marge de « Greater Chadic » – le cas du voltaïque
H. Ekkehard WOLFF: Proto-Chadic determiners and nominal plurals in Hausa
Nina PAWLAK: Particles in Chadic – retentions and innovations in marking grammatical functions
Andrew HARUNA: On the glottalic consonants in Chadic
Zygmunt FRAJZYNGIER: Two complementizers in Lele
Henry TOURNEUX: Le système aspectuel des langues dites « kotoko »
Alhaji Maina GIMBA: Pluractionals in Bole
Mairo KIDDA-AWAK: Floating tones in Tangale
Daniel BARRETEAU: Vowel and tonal variations within the consonantal framework of the verbal stem in Central Chadic languages
Véronique DE COLOMBEL: Noms de plantes – classification, reconstruction et histoire à partir des noms de six cents plantes en dix langues tchadiques des monts du Mandara
Sergio BALDI: On Arabic loans in Hausa and Kanuri
Al-Amin ABU-MANGA: Behaviour of the Sudanese Arabic verbal stems in Sudanese Hausa
Philip J. JAGGAR / Muhammed M. MUNKAILA: Evidence against the proposal that the Hausa pre-datival final -r verb = the “Grade 5” final -r/-s verb (and an alternative analysis)
Shuji MATSUSHITA: /aC/ as a focus marker in Sokoto Hausa (Sakkwatancii)
Joseph A. McINTYRE: Transitive verbs in Hausa – nominalisation strategies and time-stability
Abdulhamid ABUBAKAR: A further look at Hausa plurals
Bello S.Y. AL-HASSAN: CVC reduplication and the phonology and semantics of intensives in Hausa with implications for Chadic
Stanislaw PILASZEWICZ: Some remarks on state and royal titles – a neglected aspect of the Hausa lexicography
Jonas YEBOA-DANKWA: Akan and Hausa – development, relationship, educational, literary and social use
Ibrahim Maina WAZIRI: “Loan words” and “multidictional” words as important linguistic and historical evidence for the Nilo-Saharan (Kanuri) and Afroasiatic/Chadic (Bole of Pikka) language interaction
Abubakar GARBA: The language shift of the Bolewa from the centre of Bornu to the periphery
Conrad M.B. BRANN: Urban linguistics in Nigeria – the example of “Language Use in Maiduguri Metropolitan – LUMM”
Ibrahim Yaro YAHAYA: Trends in the development of Hause drama
Abba RUFA’I: Hausa language studies and the German nation – an outline for further research

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