Ephraim Avea Nsoh / Vincent Erskine Aziaku / Anthony Agoswin Musah (eds.): Studies in Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics [PDF]


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195 pp.
54 Tables, numerous graphics and overviews

Text language: English


Antoinette Mawuena Abotsi / Vincent Erskine Aziaku:
Ethnosemantics of Èʋé Names

Helen Atipoka Adongo / George Akanlig-Pare:
Tone and Tonal Processes in Gurenɛ

Sandow Aweaka Atibiri / Anthony Agoswin Musah:
Personal Names in Kusaal

Kenneth Bodua-Mango:
Compound Coordinators in Safaliba

Akua Campbell:
A Historical Analysis of Gã Future Morphemes

Reginald Akuoko Duah:
On Reduplicated Verbs as Morphological Causatives in Akan

David Moro Jindayu:
Gonja Personal Names – A Socio-Cultural Perspective

Sampson Korsah:
Object Pro Drop in Gã and the Radical Pro-Drop Generalization

Ephraim Avea Nsoh:
Agreement Mismatches in the Noun Phrase of the Gurenɛ Dialect of Farefari