Rothmaler / Tchokothe / Tourneux (eds.): Man and Health in the Lake Chad Basin / L’homme et la santé dans le bassin du lac Tchad [PDF]


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Proceedings of the 14th MEGA-CHAD Conference Bayreuth, 15-17 April 2010
TIAS Topics in Interdisciplinary African Studies Volume 27

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XI, 202 pp.
1 colour map, 3 b/w maps, 8 colour photos, 8 b/w photos, numerous tables and charts

Text languages: French, English

Mega-Chad is an international network that has as its aims the encouragement and support of multidisciplinary research on the societies and environments past and present of the Lake Chad basin, and the dissemination of research results. Following a first multidisciplinary meeting held in Paris in 1984, the network has grown progressively to its present total of about 350 members in some twenty countries. The network name Mega-Chad evokes the maximal extension of Lake Chad several millennia ago and refers to a vast area extending over much of Niger, Chad, northern Nigeria and northern Cameroon and the Central African Republic within which are many shared cultural traditions, influences and patterns of exchange.

The present volume contains contributions to the XIVth Mega-Chad colloquium which took place in Bayreuth from the 15th to the 17th of April 2010. The topics of the papers presented covered a wide spectrum connected to health issues, ranging from matters of health management, dietetics, and traditional medicine to country-specific problems and developments, as well as HIV/AIDS dis­courses in various communities.

Table of Contents / Table de matières

Eva Rothmaler / Rémi Tchokothe: Introduction
Mahamat Adam: Les maladies provoquées par le monde invisible dans les contes kotoko de Makari (Cameroun)
Claude Arditi: Maladies et médecines humaines dans Sahara et Soudan de G. Nachtigal (1834–1885)
Zakaria Beine: Le commerce frauduleux des produits pharmaceutiques dans les rues de N’Djamena
Baba Mai Bello: Hausa-English Perceptions of AIDS among University Students in North-eastern Nigeria
Elisa Fiorio: Une pratique rituelle préventive pour « conjurer » la maladie chez les Tupuri du Tchad
Émilie Guitard: Le fou, le génie et le tas d’ordures: la passion des déchets comme marqueur de la folie dans la ville de Garoua (Nord Cameroun)
Hadiza Kiari Fougou / Boureima Amadou: Cadre de vie et santé des pêcheurs de la partie nigérienne du lac Tchad
Tilman Musch: Saignée et cautérisation chez les pasteurs nomades de N’guigmi – la dichotomie du chaud et du froid
Eckhard Nagel / Gundula Essig: The TRIPS Agreement and Public Health: How Global – Decision-making Influences Access to Local Health Care
Eva Rothmaler: Cuisine as Health Factor – Some Aspects of Nutrition in Western Africa
Paulette Roulon-Doko: La maladie en milieu traditionnel Gbaya (Centrafrique)
Henry Tourneux / Abdoulaye Boubakary / Hadidja Konaï: Deux affiches de la fondation Coca-Cola pour la prévention du SIDA

Under these links you will find descriptions of African and Asian health care systems, with special reference to alternative methods of treatment, and studies of the conceptualization of nature, space, landscape and environment in Africa:

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