F. Girke / S. Thubauville / W. Smidt (eds.): Anthropology as Homage – Festschrift for Ivo Strecker [PDF]


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447 pp.
37 colour photos, 14 b/w photos, 2 b/w aerial photos, 4 colour diagrams, 3 colour figures, 9 drawings, 3 tables

Text languages: English, German

This volume celebrates the life and work of the anthro­pologist Ivo Strecker, who has studied with the Hamar of southern Ethiopia since 1969. Through this decades long engagement, as well as his ethnographic films and his work in spearheading the international Rhetorical Culture Project, Ivo has been highly influential, both in advancing anthropological theory and encouraging nu­merous students to commit to fieldwork in and around Hamar. While alluding to various facets of Ivo’s syn­thetic thinking and his unique personality, the contri­butions to this Festschrift also make important state­ments on fieldwork, visual anthropology, rhetoric, and other fields that relate to his œuvre.


Thomas Bierschenk: Preface

Section 1 – Barjo Äla

Felix Girke: A Homage to an Anthropologist, a Homage to Anthropology, and Anthropology as Homage to Cultural Ingenuity

Yohannes Yitbarek Ejigu: Ivo at Arba Minch University – A Fortuitous Arrangement and its Prehistory

Baldambe (Balambaras Aike Berinas): Greetings to the Children in Berlin (1974)

Section 2 – Anamo

James Fernandez: “With Our Tongues in Our Cheeks” – Ethnographic Familiarity and the Work of Friendship in an Age of Irony

Stephan Feuchtwang: Is Ivo Hamar? Some Fond Reflections

Philippe-Joseph Salazar: Roteiro rhétorique de Joe Buck – En souvenir d’une rencontre à Memphis, avec Ivo

Serge Tornay: Mai 1973 – Souvenir d’une rencontre avec Ivo Strecker en pays kara, sur la rive est de l’Omo

David MacDougall: Camera and Eye

E. Douglas Lewis: The Limits of Interpretation – A Meditation on the Seen and Unseen in a Photograph of Stephen A. Tyler

Section 3 – Misso

Karl-Heinz Kohl: Nomadismus, Heimat und das Gelobte Land

Christian Meyer: The Grammar of Practice – Structure, Agency, and their Social-Theoretical Middle

Stephen A. Tyler: The Pluralization of Discourse and the Decline of General Persuasion

Section 4 – Bel

Robert Hariman: Finding the Yes in No – Persistence, Astonishment, Resonance, and Abundance in Ivo’s World

Shauna LaTosky: Visual Rhetoric and the Case of “Striking Bracelets” in Mun (Mursi)

Michael Carrithers: How to Open a World 1 – Humanism as Method

Section 5 – Kanna

Jon Abbink: The Religious Soundscape of Ethiopia – “Noise” Production between Sacred and the Secular Spaces

Marco Bassi: Prophecy and Apocalypse among the Oromo-Borana – The Power of Chiasmus

Judith Beyer: On the Usefulness of Symbolization Theory for Legal Anthropology

Vincenzo Cannada Bartoli: “You Will See How We Are Lying to You” – Talking with Jean and Ivo

Bernhard Streck: Interpretatio Indigena – Translating Indigenous Translations

Section 6 – Tamari Nanna

Susanne Epple: Impeding Rites, Restoring Rights – The Refusal of Ritual Participation in Bashada, Southern Ethiopia

Echi Christina Gabbert / Gino Ballo: Vignette on Panthera pardus – A Fable from Arbore

Felix Girke: “Heritage Behaviour”, “Validating Attention” and the Camera in Southern Ethiopia

Sophia Thubauville: Another Topic Please! Disquiet about Transgender in Ethiopia

Section 7 – Yeskenna

Jérôme Dubosson: Cattle Horn-Shaping – A Millennium Tradition amongst North-Eastern African Pastoralists

Mitiku Gabrehiwot: A Conversation in the Dark – Ivo Strecker in Addi Gudom, Tigray

Chikage Oba-Smidt: Insult and Self-Aggrandizement in Boorana Heroic Rhetoric

Gianmarco Salvati: Qebele 16 – The Ambiguous Agora of Mekelle


Publications by Ivo Strecker

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