Enguehard / Simeone-Senelle / Vanhove / Treis (éds.): Colloque int. sur les langues couchitiques et les peuples qui les parlent – Int. Conference on Cushitic Languages and Peoples, Paris 1975 [PDF]


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Paris, 8-12 Sept. 1975
COS Cushitic and Omotic Studies Volume 4

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175 pp.
(html-format) with internal links between the table of contents pages to each contribution, 1 map, 1 diagram, 4 tables, acoustic documents: 23 audio recordings of conference discussions (altogether 24 hrs 6’ and single contributions 97‘ 52”)

Text languages: English, French

The present volume is a selection of the papers (texts and audio material) presented during the 1st International Conference on Cushitic Languages, Paris, 8-12 September 1975. Some thirty scholars gathered, coming from several African, European and American countries: Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Sudan (where these languages are spoken), Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States. The conference rested ignored, and the issues have never been announced since now: due to a lack of funds, the contributions are published only now, 40 years after the conference has been held.

The papers are grouped thematically, in order to underline the consistency of the debates that took place during the meeting. Moreover, mp3-audio files that contain 24 hours and 6 minutes of the public presentations are presented. Furthermore, original con­tributions of scholars amounting to 97 minutes are attached to the texts.


Introduction: Communication de François Enguehard (Aresæ) à la 5ème Conférence internationale sur les langues couchitiques et omotiques (Paris, 16-18 avril 2008)

I Linguistics
Karel Petráček: Problèmes de linguistique
Hans-Jürgen Sasse†: The Extension of Macro-Somali
Hailee Fidaa: Linguistique – Communication
Chaim Rabin: Problems of Cushitic-Semitic Etymology

II Literature (Texts)
Karel Petráček: Problèmes de la littérature comparée en Afrique du Nord et Nord-Est
Derar Saleh Derar: Comments on Cushitic Literatures 1940-1975 by Dr B.W. Andrzejewski
Alessandro Triulzi: Some observations on Dr B.W. Andrzejewski’s report on the literature of Cushitic-speaking peoples
Andrzej Zaborski†: Remarks on: B.W. Andrzejewski’s Cushitic Literatures (1940-1975) – a survey
Derar Saleh Derar: Mahmoud El-Falaj, a Beja Poet (1860 s)

III Ethnology – Sociology (Texts)
Ioan M. Lewis†: The Cushitic-speaking peoples – a jig-saw puzzle for social anthropologists
Andrzej Zaborski†: Remarks on The Cushitic-speaking peoples – a jig-saw puzzle for social anthropologists by I.M. Lewis
Alessandro Triulzi: Some observations on Prof. I.M. Lewis’s Report on the ethnography of Cushitic-speaking peoples
Hans-Jürgen Sasse†: Remarks on Prof. Lewis’s Report on Ethnology and Sociology
Paul T.W. Baxter†: An Arssi women’s neighbourhood festival – atete
Derar Saleh Derar: A note on The Beja Tribes in the Sudan

IV History (Texts)
Eike Haberland†: Notes on the History of the Southern Ethiopian Peoples
Paul T.W. Baxter†: A note on Prof. Haberland’s paper
Derar Saleh Derar: Comments on the paper on The History of the Southern Ethiopian Peoples by Prof. E. Haberland
Hassan Mohamed Salih: Comments on Prof. Haberland’s and Prof. Lewis’s Reports
Abdallah Mohamed Kamil: Les Afars sont les descendants des Adals
Michel Perret: Notes sur le rapport du Prof. Haberland (Histoire)
Alessandro Triulzi: Some remarks on Prof. Haberland’s Notes on the History of the Southern Ethiopian Peoples

The proceedings of the following international conferences on Cushitic and Omotic languages have been published in our programme:

C. Griefenow-Mewis / R. Voigt (eds.): Cushitic and Omotic Languages – Proceedings of the Third Int. Symposium, Berlin, March 17-19, 1994 [PDF]
Azeb Amha / M. Mous / G. Savà (eds.): Omotic and Cushitic Language Studies – Papers from the Fourth Cushitic Omotic Conference, Leiden, 10-12 April 2003 [PDF]
M.-C. Simeone-Senelle / M. Vanhove (eds.): Proceedings of the 5th Int. Conference on Cushitic and Omotic Languages, Paris, 16-18 April 2008 [PDF]

Under these links you will find descriptions of further Cushitic languages and cultures, as well as publications of the contributors:

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