G. Tischhauser / J. Stöckle: Mungaka (Bali) Dictionary – a Grassfields Bantu Language of Cameroon [PDF]


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AAM Archiv afrikanistischer Manuskripte Volume 1

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XII, 438 pp.
Index English-Mungaka

Text language: English

Mungaka, a Grassfields Bantu language, belongs to the speech group Niger-Congo and is spoken as a mother tongue by about 45,000 people, but understood by many more inhabitants of the North-Western part of Cameroon. The Dictionary Mungaka-German was written by Georg Tischhauser in the 1930s and completely revised and translated into English by Johannes Stöckle (1911–2012), aided by a native speaker of Mungaka. Cultural backgrounds as well as specific contexts of the entries were taken into account and illustrated with numerous examples.

A grammatical sketch by Gudrun Miehe and Johannes Stöckle gives an insight into the basic grammatical structure of the language. The last part of the dictionary is made up of an English-Mungaka index.

Under these links you will find descriptions of further Cameroonian Bantoid, Bantu and Grassfields Bantu languages:

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