Ines Fiedler / Jan Junglas / Michael Schulze (eds.): Gur Languages and Nominal Classification Diversity [PDF]


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256 pp.
1 colour map, 13 colour tables, numerous tables and charts

Text language(s): English

Edited by: Ines Fiedler, Jan Junglas, Michael Schulze


Ines Fiedler / Jan Junglas / Michael Schulze:
Diversity in Gur nominal classification

Robert Carlson:
Gender and noun classes in Supyire

Klaudia Dombrowsky-Hahn:
Gender and deriflection in Syer (Western Karaboro, Senufo)

Jeffrey Heath:
Nominal classes/declensions and limited agreement in Tiefo languages (Burkina Faso)

Anthony Struthers-Young:
Comparative Toussian nominal morphology

Gudrun Miehe:
The position of Cerma within the cosmos of Gur noun classification

Ines Fiedler / Benedikt Winkhart:
The gender and deriflection system of Miyobe

Brigitte Reineke:
Gender and deriflection in Ditammari

John Rennison:
The phonology of Niger-Congo noun-class and gender markers, with special reference to Western Koromfe (North Central Gur)

Gudrun Miehe:
Noun class systems in Gur and Plateau languages – Comparing the diachronic developments