Helma Pasch (ed.): Sango – The National Official Language of the Central African Republic [PDF]


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with a foreword by Bernd Heine

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138 pp.
1 map, 4 diagrams, author and subject index

Text languages: English, French

The Central African Republic belongs to those African nations which have given an autochthonous language the status of a second official language, next to one imported from Europe. The implementation of Sango meets, however, a series of problems, which are discussed in the present volume.


Bernd Heine:

Helma Pasch:

Michel Marie Koyt:
La situation du Sango en République Centrafricaine

Marcel Diki-Kidiri:
Developper le Sango en tant que langue officielle

Christina Thornell:
Reflections on the 1984 Sango orthography decree

Sylvie Grand’Eury:
Le Sango au service de l’animation des structures communautaires rurales et urbaines

Jeannine Gerbault:
The development of Sango literacy in Central African Society

Helma Pasch:
Status and role of Sango in the Central African Republic as contrasted to French

Valeri Khabirov:
The verbal paradigm of Sango

William J. Samarin / James A. Walker:
Verb-marking in Sango

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