Helma Pasch: Kurzgrammatik des Ewe [PDF]


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94 pp.
numerous tables and charts, appendix: map of Ewe dialects in Ghana, Togo and Benin, author and subject index

Text language: German

Ewe is spoken in the West African countries Togo, Ghana, Benin and Nigeria and is one of the best documented African languages. This grammatical sketch represents an introduction to the phonology, tonology, morphology, and syntax of Ewe.

Special focus lies on a partly new description and examination of the conventional tonology. The description of the language is based on the Aŋlo-dialect which is acknowledged in Ghana and Togo as standard language. It also takes into account the form and structure of dialects that are spoken in other regions towards the East. This volume contains a map of dialects of Ewe as well as an author and subject index.

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