Hermann Jungraithmayr: Studia Chadica [PDF]


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Festschrift for Herrmann Jungraithmayr’s 80th Birthday
Ausgewählte Beiträge zur tschadischen Sprachwissenschaft

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26 pp. Roman, 239 pp.
1 colour photo, numerous tables and charts
Text language(s): English, German, French


Einleitung: Professor Herrmann Jungraithmayr
Rudolf Leger

Studia Chadica

1961 Beobachtungen zur tschadohamitischen Sprache der Jegu (und Jonkor) von Abu Telfan (République du Tchad)

1963 On the ambiguous position of Angas

1965 Internal A in Ron plurals

1968 The Hamitosemitic Present-Habitative Verb Stem in Ron and Mubi

1968 Ancient Hamito-Semitic remnants in the Central Sudan

1971 The Tangale vowel harmony system reconsidered

1974 Perfektiv-(Kurz-)Stamm und Imperfektiv-(Lang-)Stamm im Aspektsystem osttschadohamitischer Sprachen

1977 Sprachhistorische Schichtstufen im Tschadraum

1978 A tentative four stage model for the development of the Chadic languages

1983 On mono- and triradicality in early and present-day Chadic – How reliable are reconstructions?

1987 Apocopation and Syncopation in Chadic: From the synchronic to the diachronic

1991 Centre and Periphery – Chadic linguistic evidence and its possible historical significance

1992 Migama – Die Sprache von Wilhelm Raabes ,Abu Telfan‘

1999 The 1st person singular pronoun in Chadic

2000 Grimm’s Law in Tangale

2003 Altrilocality in Tangale and Tuareg – a common heritage feature?

2005 Le paradigme verbal en -U dans les langues chamito-sémitiques

2009 Historical Metamorphoses in Chadic


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