H. Jungraithmayr / W.J.G. Möhlig / A. Storch: Lehrbuch der Hausa-Sprache mit Audio-Material [PDF+mp3/wav]


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Ein Grundkurs in 30 Lektionen
Study Books of African Languages Volume 13

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335 pp.
3 maps, numerous illustrations, appendices: additional dialogues and texts; verbal stems I-VII, subject pronouns; object, possessive and demonstrative nouns; vocabulary Hausa-German / German-Hausa

Text language: German

Hausa is a West Chadic language spoken by approximately 35 mill. native speakers in Northern Nigeria, Southern Niger and Ghana, and is moreover one of the most important linguae francae in West Africa. Due to this there are altogether about 80 to 100 mill. Hausa speakers (2021).

A general introduction and different geographical and ethnographical main fields within the single lessons help to intensify the cultural context of this language. The practical part has been redesigned completely and has also been completed with geographical and cultural information supported by text examples and illustrations. The former order of the presented subjects is maintained to a larger extent, but was updated to the latest level.

Each of the 30 lessons consists of three parts: Part (A) presents a dialogue or subject area, part (B) a grammatical analysis which shortly explains the newly introduced and practiced grammatical material, and part (C) which consists of exemplary sentence lessons, short texts and exercises.

The list of words in the appendix contains the vocabulary used in the lessons. The lessons are anteceded by an introduction into phonetics of Hausa – which is a stress-accented tone language – also including an introduction into the prosodic structure. Vowel length is marked by the doubled representation of the vowel. As far as tone is concerned, only the high tone is marked because most of the high-tone syllables in Hausa have an accent as well.

The audio material (mp3+wav), which can also be ordered separately (see the link below), consists of texts read by Nigerian native speakers. This textbook is meant for teaching in classes of African Studies but is also applicable as a practical guidance for anyone interested in this language.

Herrmann Jungraithmayr / Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig / Anne Storch (eds.): Dialoge, Prosa und Liedtexte aus dem Lehrbuch der Hausa-Sprache [MP3]

Under these links you will find publications by Anne Storch and further reading and teaching material for learning Hausa:

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