Irmtraud Stellrecht (ed.): The Past in the Present – Horizons of Remembering in the Pakistan Himalaya [PDF]


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XXIV, 240 pp.
1 folding map, 3 maps, 9 genealogical charts

Text language: English

In this volume, cultural anthropologists and Oriental scientists deal with the written and oral treatment of historical processes and experiences in northern Pakistan. The authors themselves experienced, during their longterm fieldwork in this region, the meaningfulness of the past in the contemporary life of the inhabitants of the high-mountain valleys. Experiences from pre-colonial times, lengthy processes of Islamization as well as the current encounter between traditional and modern lifestyles are the thematic focus of the papers.


Irmtraud Stellrecht:
Writing Concerning the Past in Northern Pakistan – A Short Introduction

Wolfgang Holzwarth:
Islam in Baltistan – Problems of Research on the Formative Period

Andreas Rieck:
Who Are the Nurbakhshis? Controversy about the Identity of a Beleaguered Community in Baltistan

Martin Sökefeld:
Jang Azadi – Perspectives on a Major Theme in Northern Areas’ History

Monika Schneid:
Identity, Power and Recollection – Inside and Outside Perspectives on the History of Bagrot, Northern Pakistan

Johannes H. Löhr:
Gender, Power, and Public Identity – Maintaining the Masculine Past

Maria Marhoffer-Wolff:
Family History as Legitimizing Strategy – The Thui Khal¡fa

Ruth Göhlen:
The Background of Genealogical Time Structuring and Remembering – Aspects of Time in Astor Valley, Northern Pakistan

Roland Hansen:
Demonic Sabotage – Corruption – Natural Hazard. Channel Breaks and the Manipulation of “Myth” in Astor Valley, Northern Pakistan