James Bynon (ed.): Berber Prose Texts from the Ayt Hdiddu (Central Morocco) [PDF+mp3]


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Part 1: Transcriptions incl. audio material (compressed/zipped data files)
Berber Studies Volume 44

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VIII, 537 pp.
163 prose texts in transcriptions, together with 66 spoken Berber texts (approx. 2,2 GigaByte of language material in compressed/zipped audio files)

Text language: English

The 163 presented prose texts are in the Tamazight dialect of the Ayt Hdiddu, an ethnic group of the central High Atlas region of Morocco. They were collected by James Bynon (1926–2017) over a period of several decades starting as early as in the nineteen fifties. Although they were recorded from speakers of more than one age and gender and might therefore – if they had been analysed by him in detail at the time – have shown small differences in their phonemic and morphophonemic systems, in his present transcription he has ‘normalized’ them all in accordance with the speech of a single individual from the tribe whose language he has over the years studied in some depth. The individual in question is a man named Zayd u Abbu, who comes from the village of Ayt Lghazi which forms part of the administrative district of Imilchil.

The system of transcription the editor has adopted is broadly speaking a morphophonemic one. The transcription represents the speech of his informant as heard by him. Furthermore, 66 audio files are presented together with the text (approx. 2,2 GigaByte of language material) as zipped data files according to a concordance list. A translation and an analysis shall follow in another volume of Berber Studies in the future.

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