J. Döveling / K. Gastorn / U. Wanitzek (eds.): Constitutional Reform Processes and Integration in East Africa [PDF]


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XVIII, 212 pp.

Text language: English

This book on Regional Integration and Law: East African and European Perspectives is the fourth volume of the TGCL Series, a series of edited volumes produced at the Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies (TGCL). After an Introduction on the major challenges of regional legal integration, Part One, devoted to East African perspectives, begins with a discussion of the role of leadership in the implementation of the African Peace and Security Architecture Framework in the East African Community. Following this, harmonisation of domestic tax laws is analysed with regard to its potential as an instrument for regional integration, with the major example of Burundi’s new income tax law of 2013. Criminal procedural law in Tanzania is looked at in the light of human rights, especially the right to equality. The effectiveness of mandatory SIM card registration in Uganda is critically analysed. The protection of consumers against counterfeit and substandard pharmaceuticals in Tanzania is discussed within the framework of the Single Customs Territory of the East African Community. In Part Two, focused on European perspectives, a discussion of the relationship between the French Constitution and European Union law, exploring the “alchemy of sovereignty and integration”, is followed by articles on the specifically German challenges with regard to the incorporation of European Union law into the national body of laws, with case studies of the Euro Rescue Fund, consumer protection law, administrative law and labour law. In addition to these examples of regional legal integration within the European Union, the last article discusses the role played by another regional community of states, i.e. the Council of Europe and its European Conventionon Human Rights, in the development of national family laws in Europe.


Johannes Döveling / Kennedy Gastorn / Ulrike Wanitzek: Preface and Acknowledgments

Kennedy Gastorn: Constitutional Reform Processes and Integration in East Africa – Introduction

Josaphat Laurean Kanywanyi: Open-ended Features in Constitutionalism and Cultural Attitudes in East Africa – Basis for Prevalance of Corruption, Poor Public Servant Responsibility, Accountability and Public Services Delivery?

James Ogoola: Where Treaty Law Meets Constitutional Law – National Constitutions in the Light of the EAC Treaty

Gamaliel Mgongo Fimbo: Principles and Practices of Management in the East African Community – Best Practices for a Modern Judiciary

Damian L. Lubuva: The Independence of the National Electoral Commission of Tanzania as an Oversight Constitutional Organ

Gamaliel Mgongo Fimbo: The National Electoral Commission of Tanzania in Support of Constitutional Democracy – A Comment

Bonaventura Rutinwa: Constitutionalising Citizenship in Tanzania – Lessons from Other East African Jurisdictions

Hamudi lsmail Majamba: Environmental Protection within the Framework of the East African Community – Lessons for Constitutional Reform in Tanzania

Christian Roschmann / Peter Wendoh / Steve Ogolla: Kenya’s Constitutional Review Experience and Lessons to be Learned for the Constitution-making Process in Tanzania

University of Dar es Salaam School of Law: Proposals Submitted to the Constitutional Review Commission of Tanzania – Executive Summary

In the series of the Tanzanian-German Center for Eastern African Legal Studies (TGCL) further paper collections have been published:

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