Karsten Legère / Christina Thornell (eds.): Bantu Languages [PDF]


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Analyses, Description and Theory

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This publication is a selected collection of peer-reviewed papers from the 2nd Inter­national Bantu Conference held at the University of Gothenburg /Sweden in October 2007. The conference was a well-attended meeting that assembled Bantu­ists and Bantu language experts from four continents. The volume focuses on a wide range of topics that are relevant in the field of Bantu linguistics covering many areas where Bantu languages are distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, predominantly Tanzania and the Eastern African region. From a topical perspective, all linguistic disciplines excluding socio-lin­guistics are paid attention to.


Sonja Bosch:
Rule-based Morphological Analysis – Shared Challenges, Shared Solutions

Laura J. Downing:
Prosodic Phrasing in Relative Clauses – A Comparative Look at Zulu, Chewa and Tumbuka

Bernd Heine / Margaret Dunham:
Grammaticalization in Bantu Languages with Special Reference to Swahili

Bonnie Henson:
Second Position Effects in Kol, a Bantu Language of Cameroon

Odile Racine-Issa / Sû-tôôg-nooma Kukka Kabore:
Intricate Relations in Standard Swahili – The Syntax of Three Argument Constructions

Ahmad Kipacha:
The Quest for Mgao Coastal Swahili – Latest Findings

Joseph Koni Muluwa:
La dénomination de plantes en mbuun, mpiin et nsong – Procédés de creation lexicale et principes sémantiques

Nancy C. Kula / Lutz Marten:
Argument Structure and Agency in Bemba Passives

Constance Kutsch Lojenga:
Vowel Shortening in the Noun Phrase in Malila

Stephen H. Levinsohn:
Towards a Typology of Story Development Marking

Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso:
Functions of Prosody in Spontaneous Speech in Bàsàa (Bantu A 43) – The Case of Melisms

Nhlanlha N. Mathonsi:
A Headword Identification Problem of Nouns in Zulu Dictionaries

Joyce T. Mathangwane / Al Mtenje:
Tone and Reduplication in Wandya and Subiya

Kuniya Nasukawa:
Prosodic Affiliation of NC Sequences in Lungu (Cilungu)

Malin Petzell:
Further Analysis of Negation in Kagulu

Kristina Riedel:
Coordination and Subject/Object Marking in Sambaa

Josephat Rugemalira:
The -ag- TAM Marker and the Boundary between Cliticization and Affixation in Bantu

Oliver Stegen:
What Can Stylistic Comparison of Rangi Stories Tell Us About Grammatical Description?

Christina Thornell:
Morphology of Plant Names in the Mpiemo Language

Anna Yu. Urmanchieva:
Grammaticalization of Narrative Patterns in Ngindo Verbal Morphology

Mark Van de Velde:
The Syntax of Verb Complements and the Loss of the Applicative in Eton (A71)

Marianna Visser:
Definiteness and Specificity in the Xhosa Determiner Phrase

Nobuko Yoneda:
Topical Hierarchy and Grammatical Agreement in Matengo (N13)

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