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Berichte von fünf Kontinenten

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Escape can be defined in terms of people leaving spatial situations in which they undergo, or feel endangered by violence or other disadvantages. Cases of escape have an enormous spectrum, and the political dimensions are identifiable in each of these cases. On the one hand they can be seen as direct consequences or even intention of the politics, on the other hand escape itself has political consequences, and can be used as a political instrument or power resource by refugees.

The issue Escape as policy focuses on the fact that refugees themselves can hold the part of powerful agents, and therefore the social sciences should not simply adopt the popular picture of defenceless victims. The present work throws lights on a wide subject area. The contributions deal with empirical issues from five continents. Investigations in social sciences, politics sciences, law, cultural anthropology, and other contexts give copious insights across disciplinary boundaries.

Besides academic working authors also authors with practical experiences are participating in this book, so that the contributions illuminate issues about the coherence between escape and politics in theoretical and empirical diversity.


Katharina Inhetveen:

I. Flucht als Politik

Trutz von Trotha:
Von der Ohnmacht der Flucht zur Macht der Kündigung. Flucht als bewegtes Machtverhältnis – Ein theoretischer Essay

Simon Turner:
Biopolitics and Bare Life in a Refugee Camp – Some Conceptual Reflections

II. Strategien der Flucht

Georg Klute:
Flucht zum eigenen Zelt – Sahara-Nomaden als Spezialisten der Flucht

Katharina Inhetveen:
Situative Fluchten – Mobilität und Macht in einem sambischen Flüchtlingslager

Markus Weimann:

III. Flüchtlinge als politische Akteure

Jakob Rösel:
Die Mohajir in Karachi, Pakistan – Flucht und Politik

Katrin Radtke:
Die Finanzierung von Bürgerkriegen aus der Diaspora – Eritreer in Frankfurt und Tamilen in Toronto

IV. Flüchtlingspolitik

Sigrid Baringhorst:
White Nation – Nationale Identität, Ängste und Flüchtlingspolitik in Australien

Jeff Crisp:
A New Asylum Paradigm? Globalisation, Migration and the Uncertain Future of the International Refugee Regime

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