Kathrin Denny: Menschen mit Albinismus – Die Karriere einer Personenkategorie in Tansania [PDF]


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MBA Mainzer Beiträge zur Afrikaforschung vol. 45

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228 pp.
11 colour photos, 1 colour graph

Text language: German

All over the world, people show solidarity based on certain characteristics and associated with those experiences of discrimination. Creating, appropriating or changing categories of people helps activists to draw attention to the needs of such people and to fight for social equality. Categories of personhood are proving to be contested pillars of identity politics in social movements.

This book takes its readers to Tanzania and explores the career of the category of people with albinism. Over the course of four decades, individuals who were considered human/spiritual hybrids because of their light skin, hair and eyes became people with a health problem for whom special funding opportunities opened up. The author traces this process ethnographically and analyses the ways in which local and transnational activists successfully recode external characteristics and thus socially assert the new category of people with albinism. Drawing on concepts from research on social movements and practices of human differentiation, she shows how hypopigmented Tanzanians fight for recognition as full members of society.

Unter diesen Verweisen finden Sie Werke, die eine Stigmatisierung von Personengruppen im Zusammenhang mit Heil- oder Schadenzauber untersuchen, darunter auch einen spektakulären Sammelbandbeitrag über witchcraft killings in Tanzania:

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