K. Beyer / G. Boden / B. Köhler / U. Zoch (eds.): Linguistics across Africa – Festschrift for Rainer Vossen [PDF]


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377 pp.
1 colour map, 6 b/w maps, 12 colour photographs, 3 colour figures, 5 b/w figures, numerous tables and charts

Text languages: English, French, German


Geleitwort der HerausgeberInnen

Rudolf Leger: Rainer Vossen – Für Afrika bestimmt!
Rose-Juliet Anyanwu: Information structure in the West African Benue-Congo languages Hone [Hõne], Igbo, Kana, Kuteb, and Yukuben
Alan Barnard: Was the first language a Khoisan language?
Sebastian K. Bemile: The proverb and universal thought
Andy Chebanne: Eastern Kalahari Khoe languages – An update of their sociolinguistic and linguistic situations in Botswana
Abdourahmane Diallo: Approximations phonologiques chez les locuteurs sosophones du français informel
Gerrit Dimmendaal: On word-final voicing contrasts in Nilotic and beyond
Edward Elderkin: Historical correlates of stress in Ani [‖Ani]
Anne-Maria Fehn: Revisiting tense and aspect in the Khoe language family
Jost Gippert: Sound systems in diachrony – Sibilants and affricates in Udi
Tom Güldemann: Did Proto-Tuu have a paradigm of cardinal numbers?
Osamu Hieda: “Prefix-like” elements in Nilotic
Dymitr Ibriszimow / Balaraba Zulyadaini / Ahmad Tela Baba: Friendship requires visits – Hausa zumunci from a cognitive semantic point of view
Herrmann Jungraithmayr: Yibat = sányíi und andere „unmögliche“ Gleichungen im Tschadischen
Christa Kilian-Hatz: On the pygmies’ trail
Bernhard Köhler: Zu den Grundlagen der Sprachtypologie aus afrikanistischer Sicht
Christa König / Bernd Heine: Discourse markers in !Xun (W2 dialect)
Karsten Legère: Il-Torobo and their language(s) in Tanzania – An update
Wilhelm Möhlig: Dialectological comparison of the Northeast Bantu languages
Marie Ngom: Un marque de classe déficitaire
Robert Nicolaï: Comparer pour (trouver) quoi ? Ce qu’on cherche et ce qu’on trouve en linguistique, et en général
Coffi Sambiéni: Etude comparative des classes nominales du ditammari et du mbɛlimɛ
Henning Schreiber: Distances and clusters in Bisa – Dialectometry revisited
Anne Storch: Linguistic landscapes of tourism – A case study from Zanzibar
Akira Takada: Diversity in child-rearing practices among the San – Characteristics of gymnastic behaviour among the G/ui and G//ana
Thomas Widlok: A practice approach to Haikom [Hai||om / Hai//om] storytelling
Edwin N. Wilmsen: Talking of things at Tsodilo – A multi-lingual Iron Age community in north-western Botswana in the 7th–10th centuries CE

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