Marlene Guss-Kosicka: Die Verbalsysteme des Amharischen und Tigrinischen [PDF]


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Eine vergleichende Analyse
SHA Studien zum Horn von Afrika Volume 7

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XVIII, 336 pp.
1 colour graph, 29 tables, index

Text language: German

This book centres around a comparison between the verbal systems of Amharic and Tigrinya, two Ethio-Semitic languages. These verbal systems are investigated from two different angles. The first part studies the morphology and the modes of employment of the perfect, gerund, imperfect and jussive-imperative, their combination with the copula, with auxiliary verbs (HLW, KWN, NBR), with conjunctions, and various periphrastic constructions, as well as verbal formations involving a participle or an infinitive.

The second part is dedicated to the relative verb, its properties and morphology, its syntactic employment, as well as its various constructions. Among the most prominent features involving relative form are personal qualifying constructions and cleft sentences. Regarding the variety of forms in their verbal system, Tigrinya and Amharic belong to the richest Semitic languages. A comparison of these two Ethio-Semitic languages should therefore contribute to a better understanding of their structure and thus of the Semitic languages in general.

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