Matthias Brenzinger / Christa Kilian-Hatz / Angelika Mietzner / F.K. Erhard Voeltz (eds.): APAL Annual Publication in African Linguistics, No. 2 (2004) [PDF]


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139 pp.
numerous tables and charts

Text language: English


F.K. Erhard Voeltz:

Christa König / Bernd Heine:
Verb extensions in !Xun (W2 dialect)

Adjaratou Oumar Sall:
L’extension verbale en wolof: le cas du suffixe -e

Gertrud Schneider-Blum:
Verbal extensions in Alaaba (Highland East Cushitic, Ethiopia)

Pius N. Tamanji:
Verb extensions in Bafut (Cameroon)

F.K. Erhard Voeltz:
Verb extensions in Khwe (Central-Khoisan)


Frank Seidel:
Stephen T.M. Lukusa (2002): Groundwork in Shiyeyi Grammar with a Shiyeyi-English Glossary

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