Matthias Brenzinger (ed.): Endangered Languages in Africa [PDF]


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Symposium on Endangered Languages in Africa, University of Leipzig/Germany, 29 July – 1 August 1997

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284 pp.
4 maps, 7 figures, numerous tables

Text language: English

This volume contains selected papers which are based on presentations held on the Symposium on Endangered Languages in Africa from 29 July to 1 August 1997 at the University of Leipzig/Germany. The workshop took place parallel to the 2nd WOCAL World Congress of African Linguistics (see the link below).


Matthias Brenzinger: Endangered Languages and Language Endangerment in Africa – Introduction
Richard J. Hayward: The Endangered Languages of Ethiopia – What’s at Stake for the Linguist?
Gabriele Sommer: Reconstructing the Past – Historical Linguistics, Contact-induced Change, Language Shift and Relexification
Gerrit Dimmendaal: Language Contraction versus other Types of Contact-induced Change
Mauro Tosco: “People who are not the language they speak” – On Language Shift without Language Decay in East Africa
David L. Appleyard: Language Death – The Case of Qwarenya (Ethiopia)
Zelealem Leyew: Some Structural Signs of Obsolescence in K’emant
Roger Blench: The Status of the Languages of Central Nigeria
Bruce Connell: Moribund Languages of the Nigeria-Cameroon Borderland
Andrew Haruna: Language Death – The Case of Bubburè in Southern Bauchi Area, Northern Nigeria
Raimund Kastenholz: Language Shift and Language Death among Mande Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers in the Diaspora
Herman Batibo: The Fate of the Khoesan Languages of Botswana

Under these links you will find further proceedings volumes of the WOCAL World Congress of African Linguistics and publications of the contributors:

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