M. Albrecht / V. Arlt / B. Müller / J. Schneider (eds.): Getting Pictures Right – Context and Interpretation [PDF]


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Festschrift for Paul Jenkins on occasion of his retirement

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192 pp.
56 b/w illustrations, 2 tables

Text language: English


Theory of the Visual – Photographs as Source and Medium

Elizabeth Edwards:
Thinking materially / Thinking relationally

Anton Holzer:
Der Weg und die Fotografie Mission Photographs – Photography in the Colonial Context

Thoralf Klein:
The Basel Mission as a Transcultural Organization – Photographs of Chinese Christians and the Problem of Agency

Marisol Palma:
Konstruktion, Sammlung und Archiv – Zur sozialen Biografie der Feuerland-Fotografien von Martin Gusinde

Richard Fardon:
The Ethnologist and the Missionaries – Recording the 1908 Lela in Bali Nyonga

Barbara Frey Näf:
Imaging the Past – Historicising Portraits of the Kodagu and Nilgiri region, South-East India

Paul Jenkins:
Camera evangelistica – camera lucida? Trans-border experiences with historical photographs from a mission archive

The Postcolonial Project of Visual Representation

Christraud Geary:
Portraiture, Authorship, and the Inscription of History – Photographic Practice in the Bamum Kingdom, Cameroon (1902–1980)

Erin Haney:
If these Walls could talk – Exploring the Dynamic Archive through Ghanaian Portraiture