Miklós Szalay: The San and the Colonization of the Cape 1770–1879 — Conflict, Incorporation, Acculturation [PDF]


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QKF Research in Khoisan Studies Volume 11

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151 pp.
1 map, 33 b/w photos

Text language: English

The present essay is concerned with the phenomenon of the confrontation between expanding colonization and the hunting-gathering segment of the population of the Cape. Precisely what type of challenge did colonization present, how did the San react to the challenge, and what was the fate of the San after colonial expansion had overrun them? These are the questions the book seeks to answer. The San put up strong resistance to colonial expansion which had two goals: first, the seizure of the land, second, the exploitation of the indigenous people as labourers. Szalay sets out to sketch the mechanisms of the colonization of the San, illustrating his essay with photos and drawings.

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