Abdalla / Dias Barros / Berthet (eds.): Spaces in Movement – New Perspectives on Migration in African Settings [PDF]


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TIAS Topics in Interdisciplinary African Studies Volume 35

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Migration in Africa has gained a new impetus in recent years through the expansion of destinations away from local urban centers and regional economic hubs into far-off places beyond the African continent. In the same vein, mobility within Africa itself, in its various forms, has also started to receive more attention. Consequently, there is a pressing need to develop new ways of looking at this phenomenon.

While African mobility outside of the continent has been a central concern in academic studies, the focus in this book, is on opportunities, challenges posed by internal migration and the workings of migration in general in African settings today.

With this contribution, the editors strive to fill some of the gaps about the question of mobility within the African context. Addressing issues specific to people’s mobility and their influence on religion, economy, politics, traditions, societies on shifting grounds, gender relations, and cultural interactions, this volume is an attempt to cover a range of pressing questions on modern migration by Africans within Africa.



Augustin Emane: Les migrations de travail en Afrique face aux instruments juridiques
Bréhima Kassibo / Pierre Cissé: D’un savoir faire à l’autre – Migration et transformations sociales en Afrique, le cas des migrants maliens
Denise Dias Barros / Mustafa Abdalla: The Resonance of Travel in a Dogon Village – Pilgrimage Experience, Mobility and Social Change in Songho, Mali
Sophie Bava: Des pratiques religieuses dans la mobilité aux figures religieuses de la migration africaine
Abdoul Hadi Pingréwaoga Béma Savadogo: Islam, migration estudiantine et espace en mouvement – La réponse des établissements supérieurs privés et des associations islamiques burkinabè
Christian Ungruhe: Migration, Marriage, and Modernity – Motives, Impacts, and Negotiations of Rural-Urban Circulation among Young Women in Northern Ghana
Senni Jyrkiäinen: Fluid Autonomies – Male Mobility and the Changing Position of Females in Upper Egypt
Gunvor Jόnsson: Non-migrant, Sedentary, Immobile, or “Left Behind”? Reflections on the Absence of Migration
Marina Berthet: Ceux qui sont de passage et ceux qui restent – L’émigration capverdienne à São Tomé et Príncipe
Magnus Treiber: Becoming by Moving – Khartoum and Addis Ababa as Migratory Stages between Eritrea and “Something”

Under these links you will find further empirical studies focusing on migration and the position of asylees in African societies, in Germany and Europe:

Youssouf Diallo: Nomades des espaces interstitiels – Pastoralisme, identité, migrations (Burkina Faso – Côte d’Ivoire) [PDF]
Christiane Falge: The Global Nuer – Transnational Life-Worlds, Religious Movements and War [PDF]
Sebastian Prothmann: Lifeworlds of Young Men beyond Migration and Immobility in Pikine, Senegal [PDF]

Andrea Riester: Migration and Conflict – The Integration of Burkinabe Migrants Displaced from Côte d’Ivoire [PDF]

Aron Mir Haschemi: “Safe Havens” for Refugees – A European Project to Avert Migration?[PDF]
Mira Döring: Asylverfahren und Gerechtigkeit – Darstellung eines Interessenwiderstreits [PDF]
Katharina Inhetveen (Hrsg.): Flucht als Politik – Berichte von fünf Kontinenten [PDF]
Louis Henri Seukwa: The Ingrained Art of Survival – The Nexus between Competence and Migration [PDF]
Nina von Nolting: Nation im Exil? Eritreer in Deutschland [PDF]

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