Norbert Cyffer: English–Kanuri Dictionary [PDF]


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WeStu Westafrikanische Studien Volume 3

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XIV, 226 pp.

Text languages: English

With about four million native speakers Kanuri is spoken in the Lake Chad region, mainly in northeastern Nigeria, eastern Niger and the province of Kanem in the Chad. Furthermore, it is spoken in the oases of Bilma and Faschi (Niger) and also sporadically in Fezzan (Libya). Kanuri was the official language of the outstanding kingdom of Kanem-Borno. Today, it is an officially acknowledged language used regionally in Nigerian schools. It is also applied as a medium in broadcasting and television.

The present dictionary includes 9,000 entries based on the dialect of Maiduguri, which is acknowledged as the standard form in Nigeria, and is structured to serve for practical as well as academic usage. Tones are marked additionally to the Standard Kanuri Orthography applied in this dictionary. The complex verb entries include references to verbal classes and to extensions (passive, causative, etc.). All the lexical entries are illustrated by text examples and idioms.

Under these links you will find grammars, study books and paper collections of the Kanuri language, history and culture:

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