Paul Newman: Hausa and the Chadic Language Family – A Bibliography [PDF]


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ALB African Linguistic Bibliographies Volume 6

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This volume is a bibliography of linguistic essays and monographs on Hausa and other languages of the Chadic family. Hausa is spoken as a first or second language by approximately forty to fifty million people in Nigeria, Niger, northern Ghana, northern Togo, and in the Blue Nile area of the Sudan. The other approx. 125 Chadic languages, the largest of which probably has less than a quarter of a million speakers, are spread throughout north/northeastern Nigeria, northern Cameroon, and central Chad.

Given the special position of Hausa within the Chadic family – Hausa being the focus of most of the books and articles written on Chadic languages – the present bibliography has been arranged into two autonomous sections, one on Hausa and one on all the other Chadic languages. This provides Chadists specifically interested in Hausa with a separate bibliography, without neglecting the other Chadic languages.

The bibliography is intended to be as comprehensive as possible, the goal being to list all books, articles, reviews, and Ph.D. and M.A. theses written about Hausa and other Chadic languages. Studies of Hausa literature and texts written in Hausa have been ignored unless they were concerned directly with matters of language and linguistics. Exceptions are older Hausa texts (i.e. 19th or early 20th century) which because of their age serve as useful linguistic source materials.

By contrast, the tendency with the other Chadic languages, all of which are relatively poorly documented, has been to include any published work that provides information about the language.

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