P.W. Akumbu / J.G. Nzweundji (eds.): Responding to Disease Outbreak in Cameroon – Lessons from COVID-19 [PDF]


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XVIII, 183 pp.
4 colour maps, 7 colour photos, 15 colour figures, 2 diagrams, numerous tables and charts

Text language: English

The present paper collection is the Cameroon Academy of Young Scientists’ (CAYS) first joint project, proposing ways and means to deal not only with COVID‐19 but especially with future disease outbreaks in Cameroon. In the last few decades, Cam­eroon has experienced several disease outbreaks which have led to the death of many of its citizens. Since 1971, not only Cholera has occurred frequently but also Measles and Meningitis outbreaks are frequent as well. The most recent outbreak is an ongoing global health pandemic, i.e. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19).

The CAYS joined the effort to tackle the pandemic from the onset of the pandemic and released a declaration in April 2020 with suggestions on how to deal with the pandemic in Cameroon, followed by a video with sensitization information for the fight against COVID‐19 in some national languages, such as Cameroon Pidgin, Duala, Tupuri, etc. The COVID‐19 experience has revealed various possibilities and challenges for Cameroon’s health system, particularly regarding its unpreparedness to tackle disease outbreaks of various kinds and magnitude in the country. In continuation of the quest for a solution to these numerous health challenges, this book provides multidisciplinary approaches to cope with COVID-19.

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