R. Kramer / R. Kießling (eds.) : Mechthildian Approaches to Afrikanistik – Advances in Language Based Research on Africa – Festschrift für Mechthild Reh [PDF]


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394 pp.
1 colour map, 2 b/w maps, 4 colour charts, 1 comic, 1 graph, numerous tables and charts

Text languages: English, German


Roland Kießling / Raija L. Kramer:
Warme weinführende Worte

Torben Andersen:
Clausal constituent order and cross-reference in Jumjum

Klaus Beyer:
Grammaticalization as it happens? A usage-based approach to morphosyntactic variation in Pana

Ines Fiedler:
The structuring of information in natural discourse in Ama (Nyimang)

Orin Gensler:
Against the “revisionist” view of Ethiosemitic prehistory – A methodological counter-critique

Jeff Good / Jesse Lovegren:
Remarks on the nasal classes in Mungbam and Naki

Tom Güldemann:
A shared pronominal canon in the eastern Macro-Sudan belt – Typological, areal and genealogical perspectives

Bernd Heine / Christa König / Karsten Legère:
A text study of discourse markers in Akie, a Southern Nilotic language of Tanzania

Birgit Hellwig:
The goe in Goemai – The development of modifiers in a Chadic language

Roland Kießling:
Experiencer encoding in Taa (Southern Khoisan)

Raija L. Kramer:
On locomotion, spatial orientation and lexical aspect – The functional diversity of deictic directional suffixes in Fali (“Adamawa”, North Cameroon)

Karsten Legère:
Empowering national languages – The Bantu language area

Gudrun Miehe:
Ventive, allative and deictic motion verbs in Cerma (Gur)

Alice Mitchell:
The pragmatics of a kinship term – The meaning and use of íiyá ‘mother’ in Datooga (Nilotic)

Henning Schreiber:
Contact induced variation and the collective self – Parallel interferences vs. transfers in communication

Gabriele Sommer:
Variation in Shiyeyi (Botswana/Namibia)

Yvonne Treis:
“They are only two, like the teats of a donkey” – Kambaata denumerals revisited

Holger Tröbs:
SEINS-Konstruktionen in afrikanischen Sprachen

Rainer Voßen:
On the reconstruction of Proto-LOTUKO obstruents