Rainer Simeit: Krebskranke Eltern unterstützen – Gruppenintervention für krebserkrankte Eltern [PDF]


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Effekte einer psychoonkologisch-psychoedukativen Gruppenintervention für krebserkrankte Eltern auf die Lebensqualität innerhalb der Familie im Rahmen der ambulanten, psychoonkologischen Nachsorge

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409 pp.
43 colour pages with illustrations, numerous tables and charts, appendix

Text language: German

Children of parents suffering from cancer are subject to multiple stressors throughout the entire treatment period of the parents. The knowledge of what is important for their children in this situation is missing. The worry for the children affects the parents in their quality of life in addition to their own worries and insecurities.

Psycho-oncological help predominantly takes place with the individual families or parents. So far, there were no evaluated structured group programs as support for the parents. This book includes the manual for a newly developed group intervention for parents, the scientific evaluation of this group program and the current state of research on the health of parents suffering with cancer, their healthy partner and the minor children in the family.

The parents’ seminar consist of seven appointments of 90 minutes. The themes are family- and child- oriented. Methodically impulse presentations, exchanges and practical exercises are used. The main aim of the evaluation is the health-related quality of life of the adults suffering with cancer. Secondary aim are the function in the family, the specific impact through the cancer and the status of the profession.

All in all, the participants of the parents’ seminar show improvements in their quality of life, their psychological mental state and the communication in the family compared to the participants in the control group without intervention. From the perspective of the affected parents the quality of life of the children also improved. In the group that took part in the seminar more participants are re-employed. The participants of the seminar are very happy with the group.

The present book includes a detailed basis for the conduction of own group activities for persons who work with parents suffering from cancer of minor children in a psycho-social context.

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