Rainer Voigt (ed.): Tigre Studies in the 21st Century – Tigre-Studien im 21. Jahrhundert [PDF]


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Akten der III. Enno-Littmann-Konferenz, 1.-4. April 2009, Berlin, Teilband 2

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12 pp. Roman, 243 pp.
With English abstracts. 1 facsimile reproduction, numerous tables and charts

Text languages: English, German


Vorwort des Herausgebers

Hatem Elliesie / Stefan Sienell / Roswitha Stiegner / Bogdan Burtea:
Der Littmann-Nachlass im Archiv der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften

Language and literature / Sprache und Literatur

Maria Bulakh:
The prefix ʾat- in Tigre

Bogdan Burtea:
Anmerkungen zur Palatalisierung im Tigre

Paolo Marrassini (†):
Linguistic stratification in Tigre

Tesfay Tewolde:
Relations between verb types and internal plurals in North Abyssinian Semitic

Rainer Voigt:
The development of Tigre literature

Andrzej Zaborski (†):
Notes on Tigre-Beja interference

Society, traditions and institutions / Gesellschaft, Tradition und Institutionen

Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad / Nicole Hirt:
Conflict resolution and customary law in contemporary Eritrea – case studies of the Saho community

Hatem Elliesie:
Social construct and system in Tigre tradition – a contribution to Eritrean customary law

Mohammed-Ali Ibrahim:
Rabʿat – The Tigre traditional youth organization

Saleh Mahmud Idris:
The Tigre and their traditional beliefs and superstitions – a socio-linguistic survey

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