Rainer Voßen / Angelika Mietzner / Antje Meißner [Hrsg.]: „Mehr als nur Worte …” [PDF]


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Afrikanistische Beiträge zum 65. Geburtstag von Franz Rottland
Festschrift for Franz Rottland’s 65th Birthday

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738 pp.
5 maps, 1 b/w photo, 71 graphs, numerous tables and charts

Text languages: English, German, French


Angelika Mietzner:
Franz Rottland – eine Kurzbiographie

Torben Andersen:
Number inflection in Mayak (Northern Burun)

Giorgio Banti:
Notes on Somali camel terminology

Herman M. Batibo:
Change of feature prominence as a motivation to sound change – the case of Setswana consonant system

Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst:
The notion of “race” and the relationship between Africa and Pharaonic Egypt

M. Lionel Bender:
The genetic position of Nilotic i – independent pronouns

Lawrence A. Boadi:
Pronominal status, kinship and tone in Akan

Fadila Brahimi:
Sprachprestige und Sprachkonflikt in Algerien

Chet Creider:
Reflections on linguistic fieldwork

Norbert Cyffer:
Areale Merkmale im TAM-System und in der Syntax der saharanischen Sprachen

Gerrit J. Dimmendaal:
Noun classification in Baale

Ursula Drolc:
Zur Pflanzentaxonomie der Maasai in Narok

Christopher Ehret:
Is Krongo after all a Niger-Congo language?

Ralf Großerhode:
Stimmlose Nasale im Gogo

Richard J. Hayward:
Observations on tone in the Higir dialect of Nara

Bernd Heine:
On the rise of new-event markers in Kxoe

Osamu Hieda:
Some problems in Datooga (Bajuuta dialect) consonantal system

Dymitr Ibriszimow:
Wohin die Wege führen – Rekonstruktion in Zeit und Raum

Angelika Jakobi:
Zur Rekonstruktion der proto-kordofannubischen Vokale */oa/ und */e/

Raimund Kastenholz:
On the relational preverbs lá- and ma- in Bambara (Manding)

Roland Kießling:
Number marking on Datooga nouns

Karsten Legère:
“… are not fully involved …” – language knowledge and language use among the Barabaig and Iraqw

Rugatiri D.K. Mekacha:
The co-existence of communities speaking Kiswahili and other languages in Tanzania

Gudrun Miehe / Manuel J.K. Muranga:
Die Proto-Bantu-Lautentsprechungen im Rukiga [Ruciga]

Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig:
Dialektale Nähe unter den Bantusprachen im Nordosten des Victoria Nyanza

Maarten Mous:
Counter-universal rise of infinitive-auxiliary order in Mbugwe (Tanzania, Bantu F 34)

Paul M. Musau:
The evolution and development of Swahili styles – the case of football language

Robert Nicolaï:
De la filiation à l’héritage – réflexion sur les « logiques » de surdétermination

Derek Nurse:
Diachronic morphosyntactic change in western Tanzania

Lucia N. Omondi:
The meaning of pakruok

Helma Pasch:
Am Anfang stand das Zwergflußpferd

Mechthild Reh:
Migration, polygamy and interethnic marriage as causes of language birth – the Southern Lwoo languages

Thilo C. Schadeberg:
The tonal system of EKoti nouns

Josef Schmied:
Researching into African English as formal evidence of cognitive processes

Gabriele Sommer:
Aspects of Yeyi (R 41) verbal morphology

E. Kembo Sure:
Suba ethnolinguistic revival

Rainer Voßen / Antje Meißner:
Von Aasgeiern und Zecken – Moritz Merkers „veraltetes Masai“ aus dialektgeographischer Sicht

Livingstone Walusimbi:
The influence of foreign languages on Ugandan languages – a case study of borrowing in Luganda

Petr Zima:
Personal pronouns in Songhay

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