Rupert Kawka (ed.): From Bulamari to Yerwa to Metropolitan Maiduguri [PDF]


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Interdisciplinary Studies on the Capital of Borno State, Nigeria

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Today, the city of Maiduguri occupies a very prominent place in Nigeria as the administrative and economic capital of Borno State, North Nigeria. Yet this rise to dominating importance is of relatively recent origin, beginning only in the wake of European colonial intervention in the area of Borno following the Rabeh war at the very end of the 19th century. On the other hand, due to its favourite geo-economic position, the place nowadays occupied by the sprawling Maiduguri has been settled for far longer and developed into an important market site, at the hub of a far-ranging trade network and part of the important kingdom of Kanem-Borno.

Despite the apparent importance of Maiduguri and its predecessors, the scientific literature, as well as information in general, about the city, its history and environs is surprisingly sparse or even misleading. It is this fact which sparked the beginnings of this volume of collected papers, representing the first attempt to gather contributions from a plethora of disciplines concerned and dealing with Maiduguri.

The contributions to this text collection originated in the context of the Collaborative Research Center 268 Kulturentwicklung und Sprachgeschichte in der westafrikanischen Savanne of the universities of Frankfurt/Germany and Maiduguri/Nigeria, sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


PART 1 History and Urban Geography

Ibrahim Walad:
The Story of the Foundation of Maiduguri and Yerwa

Frauke Jäger:
Maiduguri – Twentieth Century Capital with Ancient Roots

Rupert Kawka:
The Physiognomic Structure of Maiduguri

PART 2 Physical Geography and Rural-Urban Relations

Heinrich Thiemeyer:
Maiduguri’s Natural Environment

Joseph Ijere / Peter Odo:
Jere Bowl – Maiduguri Symbiotic Relationship

Jürgen Heinrich / Klaus-Martin Moldenhauer:
Evidence for Pollution of African Urban Soils – the Case of Maiduguri

PART 3 Linguistics

Michael Broß:
State and Perspective of Languages in Maiduguri

Norbert Cyffer:
Maiduguri and the Kanuri Language

Doris Löhr:
The Malgwa in Maiduguri

PART 4 Sociology and Social Anthropology

Bosoma Sheriff:
Urbanization and Social Cohesion – the Role of Voluntary Associations in Maiduguri

Rupert Kawka:
Social Status and Urban Structure in Yerwa

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