Said Babura Ahmad: Narrator as Interpreter – Stability and Variation in Hausa Tales [PDF]


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249 pp.
3 tables, appendix: 20 Hausa tales and English translation

Text language(s): English, Hausa

General – Themes – Plot structures – Variability and Stability in Versions of The Tale – Performance and Performer – Review of the Literature on Hausa Tales.

The Position of Tales and Tale-Telling in Hausa Society:
Factors which Militate Against Oral Tradition – Factors which Promote Hausa Tales

Thematic Classification of Hausa Tales:
Unfair Treatment of Members of the Family – The Theme of Reprehensible Behaviour of the Ruling Class – Personal Virtues and Virtuous Behaviour – Deceptive Behaviour

Structural Classification of Hausa Tales:
The Simple Tale – The Compound Tale – The Complex Tale

Variability and Stability in Versions of Stories covering Four Thematic and Three Structural Categories:
The Shared Core of the Stories “A Girl and her Father” and “A Girl and her Elder Brother” – The Shared Core of the Stories “Gizo and the Birds” and “Gizo and the Cranes” – The Shared Core of the Stories “The Poor Man Picked up by a Dove” and “The Man who had a Gown of Fronds of Dum-Palm” – Variation in the Presentation of the World of the Tale Aspects of Narrative Technique in the Performances of Hajiya Saude, Kubura Magaji and Hececi: Hajiya Saude’s Performance – Kubura Magaji’s Performance – Abdu Gala’s Performance.