Samuel G. Obeng / Christopher R. Green (eds.): African Linguistics in the 21st Century [PDF]


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Essays in Honor of Paul Newman

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155 pp.
4 colour photos, numerous tables and Charts, index

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Samuel G. Obeng, Indiana University / Christopher R. Green, Syracuse University

Chapter 2: Vocalogenesis in (Central) Chadic languages
H. Ekkehard Wolff, Emeritus Professor, Leipzig University

Chapter 3: Nasality and the Gengbe syllable
Samson Lotven, Indiana University / Samuel G. Obeng, Indiana University

Chapter 4: A weight-based analysis of Jóola Eegimaa lenition
Abbie E. Hantgan-Sonko

Chapter 5: The morphophonology of nouns in Najamba (Dogon)
Christopher R. Green, Syracuse University / Michael C. Dow, Université de Montréal

Chapter 6: Semanticization of some phonological attributes in sound imitating words in Akan
Seth A. Ofori, University of Ghana

Chapter 7: Emai serial verb domains: Symmetrical and asymmetrical
Ronald P. Schaefer, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville / Francis O. Egbokhare, University of Ibadan

Chapter 8: The null 3rd person object pronoun and the syntax of Akan
Kofi K. Saah, University of Ghana

Chapter 9: ‘To be’ and ‘not to be’ in Hausa: The question of grammar and communication
Nina Pawlak, University of Warsaw

Chapter 10: Paul Newman: The man and the scholar
Roxana Ma Newman, Indiana University
Philip J. Jaggar, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London