S. Brauner: Einführung ins Schona – Ein Lehrbuch mit 19 Lektionen und Wörterverzeichnis [PDF]


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322 pp.
1 map, numerous tables and charts

Text language: German

This introduction to Shona / ChiShona, one of the major languages of Zimbabwe (approx. by 10.7 million speakers in 2000) and in western Mozambique (3% only), aims at imparting an elementary grammatical and receptive knowledge of the language. The first ten lessons contain translation exercises into Shona while the following nine lessons concentrate on Shona texts which are sometimes accompanied by translation aids. Therefore, this manual is as useful for teaching at universities as for self-instruction in preparing a private or professional stay in Zimbabwe.

The grammatical section is structured by numerous tables and surveys. An extensive vocabulary German-Shona and Shona-German as well as a grammatical and an author index increase the practical value of the manual.

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