Sonja Ermisch (ed.): Khoisan Languages and Linguistics – Proceedings of the 2nd Int. Symposium 2006 [PDF]


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Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium, January 8–12, 2006, Riezlern/Kleinwalsertal
In memoriam – Pastor Eliphas Eiseb (1918–2005)
Research in Khoisan Studies Volume 22

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322 pp.
1 colour map, 4 b/w maps, 1 b/w photo, 7 colour oscillograms, 26 figures, numerous charts and tables

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In January 2006, Bernd Heine (University of Cologne) and Rainer Vossen (Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main) organised the Second International Symposium on Khoisan Languages and Linguistics in Riezlern/Kleinwalsertal, Austria. About thirty international researchers attended the meeting which was dedicated to the late Pastor Eliphas Eiseb (1918–2005), co-author of the renowned Khoekhoegowab Dictionary (published in 2002). 27 papers were presented on various aspects of Khoisan linguistics.

However, the proceedings which are now being published as a result of the symposium do not include all the contributions, but a selection of papers which touch upon problems of Khoisan phonology (Exter), tonology (Elderkin, Haacke, Honken, Naumann), morpho-syntax (Chebanne, Eaton, Kiessling, König), sociolinguistics (Monaka & Lepekoane) and ethnolinguistics (Takada) as well as cognitive linguistics (Brenzinger).


In memoriam – Pastor Eliphas Eiseb (1918–2005)

Matthias Brenzinger: Conceptual strategies of orientation among Khwe – From sunrise/sunset bisections to a left/right opposition
Andrew Chebanne: Person, gender and number markings in Eastern Kalahari Khoe – Existence or traces?
Helen Eaton: Object marking and aspect in Sandawe
Edward D. Elderkin: Proto-Khoe tones in Western Kalahari
Mats Exter: Proposed feature representations for clicks – An overview
Wilfrid H.G. Haacke: Tonogenesis in flagrante – Tonal depression in Khoekhoegowab, Hai//om [Hai||om], #Akhoe [ǂAkhoe] and Naro
Henry Honken: The split tones in Central Khoesan
Roland Kießling: Noun Classification in !Xoon
Christa König: Topic in !Xun
K.C. Monaka / Patricia Lepekoane: How the !Xoo [!Xóõ] became the Balala – Socio-economic and linguistic factors considered
Christfried Naumann: High and low tone in Taa ǂaan !Xoo [!Xóõ ]
Akira Takada: Kinship and naming among the Ekoka !Xun

The proceedings volumes of previous Int. Khoisan Conferences as well as of the ones held in Riezlern in 2003, 2008, 2011 and 2014 have been published in the same series:

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