Werner Vycichl: Berberstudien & A Sketch of Siwi Berber (Egypt) [PDF]


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Edited by Dymitr Ibriszimow and Maarten Kossmann
With an French Introduction by Lionel Galand

Berber Studies Volume 10

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XXXVI, 258 pp.
numerous tables and charts

Text languages: German, English

Werner Vycichl (1909–1999) was among the foremost specialists in Berber historical linguistics. Taking a broad comparative view, his studies of Berber historical phonetics and morphology incited much interest and often provided fertile ground for discussions. Among the largest projects he envisaged was a Handbuch der Berbersprachen, an overview of Berber historical linguistics, phonetics and morphology. Although he worked on this for over twenty-five years, he was not able to finish it.

The first part of this edition is an extract of his manuscript. It contains article-like chapters dealing mainly with Berber language materials in antique sources, historical phonetics and morphology of the Berber languages. The second part of this volume is a hitherto unpublished sketch of the Berber language of Siwa (Egypt). Its manuscript was finished in 1991. Based on fieldwork undertaken over many years, it provides us with a full overview of Siwan morphology, as well as with important insights into its phonology and syntax.

In the same series a survey of the phonemics of Siwi and of language contact between Siwi and Arabic have been published. Furthermore, a text collection of Siwi Berber and a study of craftsmanship and artwork in Siwa are available:

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