Wilfrid H.G. Haacke / Edward D. Elderkin (eds.): Namibian Languages – Reports and Papers [PDF]


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451 pp.
1 folding map, 10 maps, 104 tables, 118 surveys, 1 graph

Text language: English



Jan W. Snyman:
A Preliminary Classification of the !Xuu and !Zu|’hoasi Dialects

Patrick Dickens:
Relative Clauses in Ju|’hoan

Thomas Widlock:
Hai||om Language Usage and Social Identity

Wilfrid Haacke / Eliphas Eiseb / Levi Namaseb:
Internal and External Relations of Khoekhoe Dialects – a Preliminary Survey


Wilhlm J.G. Möhlig:
A Dialectometrical Analysis of the Main Kavango Languages – Kwangali, Gciriku and Mbukushu

Derek F. Gowlett:
Aspects of Yeyi Diachronic Phonology

L.-G. Andersson:
Seyeyi revisited – Prospects for the Future of a Threatened Language

David J. Fourie:
The Linguistic Position of Oshimbalanhu within the Wambo Group

E.J.M. Baumbach:
Bantu Languages of the Eastern Caprivi

Especially on Ju|’hoan further editions have been published by us:

Patrick J. Dickens: A Concise Grammar of Ju|’hoan [PDF]
Patrick J. Dickens: English-Ju|’hoan – Ju|’hoan-English Dictionary [PDF]

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